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Fat Metabolism Program

12 Month

£777.00 GBP

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Scalar Light (light-energy) instructions are broadcast for 24 hours each day to facilitate an "informational exchange" that allows your body to quickly begin to join the molecular bonds of elements known to enhance FAT METABOLISM and using fat as a fuel source.

We do not claim to be a weight loss program, as many factors affect the fat burning process, such as sleep, activity, and more. Only the user has control over those habits. You will be guided along during the program to help you experience the best results.

The metabolism of body fat as a fuel source is enhanced via the nutrient and hormone “informational profiles” in the Fat Metabolism Program. Working in in harmony with your body's energy field; Scalar Light provides the bioenergetic "informational intelligence" of phospholipids, vitamins, and other raw materials and chemicals which promote enhanced fat metabolism.

Combined with sensible eating strategies and our helpful tips for burning fat more efficiently, you can benefit from the enhanced metabolism of body fat for energy. You may experience a sense of satiety as well as less cravings for unhealthy foods on this program.

NOTE: Scalar Light cannot predict the results of any individual as we are all unique beings. Individual results may vary.

There are many options for our Scalar Light Programs

  • Purchase a single month whenever you want
  • Autopay monthly on our monthly recurring subscription (Recieve a discount). The recurring subscription must be used for a minimum of 4 months.
  • Bulk buy 12 months in one shot (Best Value)
  • Multiple friends and/or family member sliding discount scale

All Scalar Light sessions administer scalar light to photographs, exclusively.