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Addictive Behavior & Chemical Detox

12 Month

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This program is for those who wish to attain/maintain better control over cravings, compulsions, and addictions using a bioenergetic clearing that is safe, simple, and effective. The Standardized Scalar Sessions lay the foundation for this program but with an addition of a behavior support component and advanced chemical detox. A simple, yet effective, solution.

The Addictive Behavior and Chemical Detox focuses on helping you eliminate harmful substances such as narcotics, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, tobacco products, toxic chemicals, sugar, and soft drinks that remain in the human body.

Scalar Light/energy waves tune in to your body's self- cleaning and clearing mechanisms allowing an enhancement of removal of agents that are harmful to cellular function.

This program is also a modern-day solution for anyone wishing to lessen substance cravings or emotional ties to harmful substances and Scalar Light helps support the user to experience fewer cravings for these substances and fewer withdrawal effects.

Scalar Light cannot predict the results of any individual as we are all unique beings. Individual results may vary. We do not diagnose anyone’s condition, nor do we treat or cure any diseases.

There are many options for our Scalar Light Programs

  • Purchase a single month whenever you want
  • Autopay monthly on our monthly recurring subscription (Recieve a discount). The recurring subscription must be used for a minimum of 4 months.
  • Bulk buy 12 months in one shot (Best Value)
  • Multiple friends and/or family member sliding discount scale

All Scalar Light sessions administer scalar light to photographs, exclusively.