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Standard Community Group


A minimum of ten (10) people are required to register for the Standard Community Group.
Scalar Light Standard Scalar Sessions can assist in clearing/re-balancing your energy/light body so you can experience a more optimal state of behavioral and physical energetic wellness. You can experience improved sleep, mood, energy, and regain your zest for life. Our TRINITY of sessions addresses Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Experience deeper sleep, enhanced mood, and energy and regain your zest for life. Scalar Light is from the sun and stars and safe and gentle for people and pets.

There are many options for our Scalar Light Programs

  • Purchase a single month whenever you want
  • Autopay monthly on our monthly recurring subscription (Recieve a discount)
  • Bulk buy 12 months in one shot (Best Value)
  • Multiple friends and/or family member sliding discount scale

All Scalar Light sessions administer scalar light to photographs, exclusively.